AM2 2012 — from behind the table

This convention I will always remember because it is the first convention I spent ‘working’ from behind an artist alley table! It was actually more and less than I expected but either way… everything went well~

So from behind the table I was able to see a trend with passerby. Many people didn’t want to try to make conversation and some were rude. But! They were all forgotten about by the people who were nice and were so happy seeing our stuff =3 Like.. honestly… it made my day so much. Especially seeing parents get the pokemon ears for their kids~ Its like… “YES! Kids are going to start cosplays because of my ears!” So I was really happy~

I swear everyday we changed up the look of the table somehow so what you see is the first day xD Next time? We’re building up more, it’s too flat. But I think it’s decent for the first day~

Honestly what I was expecting was artists next to us to talk to us… even say hi! But the first day we came they like glanced up and just looked back. I didn’t even get a change to say hi! It was so sad…. and after that it was just.. awkward to try to say anything at all >.> SO instead we made friends with artists far away xD But it was totally worth paying and stressing~ Meeting other people and making friends who are in the business =3

Now some pictures! While sitting I see people pass by and get pictures with them when I can~ I remember wanting some cosplayers to come by because I see them from far away but they never did T.T So sad!! But for the awesome people that did stop so I could run around the table and get pictures with them… thanks~

Hey look, I found trainers! xD

I have never seen someone try to be a full out tentacruel!! So awesome~ (Does the eevee cosplay look familiar~? xP)

Her dress is so poofy I had to take a picture with her! So adorable~

“ah Tangled!!” Is what I said when I first saw her~ She has PAscal too!!!

And the best I believe: Naga from Avatar!! <3 I didn’t get to see it in person but Herms did T.T I’m surprised the dog wasn’t stolen and brought back to the table -.- xDDD

Overall AM2 was good from inside the main convention place. I didn’t get to explore the rest of the cons so much though >.< I did get to see the Putomayo fashion show which I thought was really really cool~ It was a fashion show! Why wouldn’t it be right? xD That’s about it! here, check out some artists I met that were awesome:

So far these were the ones that stuck in my mind…. either way, check them out ^^



4 thoughts on “AM2 2012 — from behind the table

  1. i want the dog*-* <33333.The tentacruel is a little scary if i would think of meeting it at nightO_O…… .I love the chibi you and chibi hermsi on your table banner it is so adorable:3(but somehow a chibi pichu you and a chibi ash hermsi would have fit more the cosplay site of you and him^^).I totally love your pichu gijinka <3 i wish i could have one but well i wouldnt have any chance wearing it……(germany has not much cosplayer stuff sadly…the most cosplayer are in the US and in Asia…).

    • Thanks! I’m glad you saw the banner chibis~ He worked his magic to make the banner look a little more personal~
      Yea it’s a bit hard to cosplay if there are no events to go to… but there is always Halloween? xD

      • na halloween is in germany kinda not there some are trying to get candy and stuff but thats less than 10%….so in germany halloween doesnt really count ….i think halloween is something that is mostly only in the US too:( there are some cosplayers in germany i guess but to find some to get help to get started is kinda hard(in the town where i live iam 100% sure that there is no cosplayers because i didnt see any around in any year i lived here and thats like if i count it since iam 4 where i can remember stuff i didnt see any cosplayers and iam nearly 18 years in september that makes 14 years)

  2. Wow- do you make all your costumes yourself (you’re v.talented!)? Cosplaying is a true art form! So impressed by you selling your work there- really shows you have a v.industrious nature! Cool!

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