Table Assignments for AM2

I believe I was able to mention that I’ll be hosting my very own artist alley table this year at AM2! Well… I’m actually hosting it with the all great Hermsi~ It should be fun ^-^ Anyways… we finally got our table assignments and I’m very happy about where we are. Kind of nervous too… but I’m glad we are somewhat close to the entrance/exit. Usually when people go into place they always head right (some study I believe… woo for listening in class!) So with this… ideally we will have decent foot traffic~

Here! Look for yourself at where we are (I cropped some of the pictures on the left and top out, but there is more to the layout!)

Please visit us~ I’m working really hard now to get everything perfected to make. I’m such a perfectionist in this type of stuff… I only want to sell the best >.> I also don’t want to make too much that no one will buy it but I think it will make me sad if I sell out and a lot of people can’t get it T.T I’m so conflicted!!! Argh xD

Right now I have nice patterns for Jolteon, Flareon, Glaceon, and Eevee pokemon ears ^^ I want to have pictures of parts of the sets when I’m done to show… but I’m having troubles with the sizes. Is bigger too odd? Is small too … small?! =.=

So that’s what I’ve been working on. Can’t get much cosplay work done until after AM2 but I might be sneaking parts of it in when I Can anyways xP I’m so excited but so nervous!! more updates later <3



3 thoughts on “Table Assignments for AM2

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  2. i would love to visit your table but sadly i live in germany and i dont have the money to say that i fly over to Americe and visit AM2 for 3 days(is it 3 days because i think i read something about 3days in one of your posts but i dunno if it was am2) besides that i have to work and to do school stuff… .One question do you film how it is to stand behind a table? It would be interesting to know how it is:) but hopefully it isnt that crazy like you put it here with not seling or seling all to early and such most things people put bad arent that bad they mostly end up better than you think even there is a little chaos here and there^^
    I wish you good luck with the table and as long as you have hermsi with you all is fine^^ and i love the name of your table^^

    • stupid typo….. America not americe…. sorry iam a little perfectionist and have to correct mistakes in texts^^

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