Pichu Progress~ (SKIRT)

You can think of this as a little slideshow on how my Pichu Cosplay came about xD I’ll try to explain some things along the way but if you want more information on how a part was made, feel free to comment~!

For some background information Pichu is a Pokemon so this is technically a Pokemon Gijinka based on the design Hermsi put together for me! It’s such a rough drawing but… I’m hoping I can get him to redraw it nicely =3

So let’s me just quickly start these pictures~
Photobucket Photobucket

I started off with a normal circle skirt which is honestly quite short because it’s from scrap fabric >.< Then I cut out a thick band for the top which I’ll use later to attach the skirt together with the chiffon yellow. (I made the band thick so I could pull it down farther if it was too short for my tastes).

Then I took 1.5 yards of yellow chiffon (color more accurate in 2nd picture) and made a circle skirt with the waistline twice as big as mine. Thus I was able to pleat the circle skirt giving it a more flowy feeling~ Picture to the left is the skirt before I gave it a rolled hem on my serger, picture to the right is with the rolled hem on both the yellow chiffon as well as the white skirt underneath. You can tell I attached it all nicely to the band at this point =3
Photobucket From here I attached it by velcro because I was low on zippers >.< but I recommend a zipper or changing it up and even doing elastic would work! …. Now that I think of it.. elastic Would’ve been good to use. Oh well~

PhotobucketAnd that’s the ending of my skirt~ This picture is with a slight petticoat underneath~ I’ll be redoing the petticoat too so it might actually be poofier by the time I get pictures of it =3
Hey look, you can see pichu sketch on my screen xDD

Alright, that’s it for me today~ I honestly don’t have any pictures of the top o.o I forgot to take pictures… but I’ll try to find something to post up? ^^;; Till next time~



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