Finished Commissions

I wasn’t going to post this at first but… I thought I mind as well so I can remember all the commissions I’ve done~


Little Sister from Bioshock 2~ Minus the rips tears ans blood…


A copy of the Eevee Gijinka Hermsi designed for me~

These two commission were done sometime in the past 3 months… Glad the commissionee liked them =3 I’m also really happy when they send me pictures of them wearing it~ It’s like having a fashion designer’s designs on a runway~ lol!!

From here on out I’ll be um… reducing the amount of commissions even more. Nothing that will suck up too much of my time because honestly… I will probably get more money from selling things at an artist alley table than commissions. The ones who get nice commissions from me are lucky >.> I charge less than I should at the moment xD

I’ll be updating again soon~~ Classes start next week so I hope I can juggle everything!

All made by me~ Email for for a quote on commissions~ 


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