Seems like a fun day to jump through hoops~ xD


Through my cosplay making and general dress making I’ve figured out one thing … I absolutely love making and wearing ball gowns =3 So to expand my dress making I decided to buy a 5 hoop skirt from ebay! (Woo ebay!) I research for so long on how to make one but I decided to just buy it, saves me a lot of time and headache. Plus if I plan to keep doing ballgowns I want a petticoat that is somewhat durable xP

Above you see my love hoop skirt! As well as part of my hoodie sweater I made xD More pictures and updates about that later in the week~ Yes, I’m updating more. I want to update at least once a month… of course ideally I would like to do it more than that.

Already the next cosplay, Sakura from Tsubasa, is causing stir in my wallet xD About $50 has gone to it already and I estimate it to be $70 max. (This is with all the discounts I could possibly come up with but with the best fabric I could find suitable) Hey… I just noticed I haven’t properly introduced my next cosplay o.o wow. Kay, I’ll do that after this post!

I’m having troubles finding where to store it since I don’t want to fold it back up for long term storage.. (the hoops might get ruined) sooo! I think on the sides of my small small closet or under the bed works right? now… what bag is big enough to encase it…. >.>;;

Haha, look forward to more cosplay stuffs =3



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