White Tsubasa Dress

I hope it doesn’t start to look like a wedding dress….


Introducing my next cosplay! Which is offically Sakura from Tsubasa~ This would be her Artbook Version but… I like it. I decided to start simple with the big ballgown~

I wouldn’t… necessarily call this a request but someone was able to sell me on the idea of making it xD But it really helps that I really loved reading Tsubasa (the same person also made me hooked to that)… either way… I like it =3

Look out for this cosplay ALA 12~? I think I’ll only be going one day and might not even have a pass… but that’s because I’d rather spend $40 on this cosplay than a pass and having to wear an old cosplay or one not as… fluffy? xD

<3 Another post up tomorrow~


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