Anatomy of a .. Sleeve?

I’m back!! Kind of…


Wow I’m not even sure if that is even…. readable! I’ll do a scanned version if I get complaints >.>

So I decided to do this small I guess… not tutorial… info sheet. I did it during my classes in between equations and writing but after about 3 days I finished it! It’s basically everything I learned about sleeves through practice and trial-error methods. I hope it gives some insight to sleeves… and this is the only way I know how to do them, for now though.

And these are also girl sleeves.. so I don’t know it if goes the same for men patterns. Sleeves used to be a real challenge for me but now it’s… bearable. Remeber: Practice!!

(right-click -> View image, to see it bigger, hope it gives some info to people!)

I’ll also be back to cosplay things…. next month. It is Halloween month afterall =3



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