Tutorial: How to make Xiao Qiao Fans

I get a lot of questions about how I did my fans and where I got the bases so I’ll be making a tutorial on how I did it! These are old photos from when I actually did do the fans so I’ll try my best to fill in the blank spots. So here this goes!

I started off by looking around the web for some big fans. I didn’t want wall fans that were too large nor too small as well as plain and not expensive. I found just the site for it!

The fans above were bought at http://www.houserice.com/fans1.html I believe I bough the 18 inch ones… I remember it being under $10 each for sure!
Noe lets go on to painting! Make sure you have a good reference picture around!  I used this one mainly. The main things you need is:
Paints (Light green, gold, pinks of different shades (can be accomplished by mixing darker pinks with white), foam cardboard, fun foamies, and blue transparent fabric.
Now lets get the base of the painting done directly on the fan:
Start off with the light green and paint around the top and bottom. This takes time because the paper isnt flat but gotta do that all the way around~ I remember doing this in a hurry and delegating part of it to my sister, it’s probably why its not very even…
At least the gold is straight >.> It’s okay. From far away the uneven green lines are not noticeable. That gold line is in the middle of the top and bottom green. I believe that gold was “bright gold” paint color, it’s really pretty~

Now to start on the flower part! I wish I did this differently actually… so I’ll explain this two different ways… First I started off with drawing a flower and cutting it out

Making a big flower and shrinking it down to make smaller flowers is easier than the other way around (in my opinion) So theres one big flower, 2 medium ones, and one smaller one.

The draw some leaves in the blank spaces where it looks like it seems fit (I kind of winged this because I was so fed up at this point I just wanted the flowers to look similar and not exact xD) Then I taped them together to trace it on cardboard and cut it out. When I traced it I cut a centimeter or so away from what I traced because it has a gold trim on the outsides.

This is a more tedious part. Using the fun foam I cut out the flowers from the papers I made (yes that means un-taping it, just remember how it all goes together) You can kind of tell how I painted everything. The flowers are gold on the sides but is pinks on the top. The gold dot in the middle is another piece of fun foam~ Here are some close ups:

This is roughly what I did.. a little sloppy job at this point but I only have so many pictures T.T The only thing I would do differently is the painting on the flowers… somehow I want to give them more of a shine or make them a little bit more realistic. so if you have an artistic friend (or artistic yourself) go ask them! Now to the stars for the top!

From here on out is a complete rush job but… I had to cut out about 20+ mini flowers. Paint them light light pink then paint a gold trim as well as a gold dot in the middle. They are attached on by hot glue with a tip directly on the fan. You’ll be able to see how a bit later.

I painted these on by a stamp process! I made a stamp out of fun foam by cutting out the individual petals then gluing them on to another piece of foam. Then painting paint on the foam I stamped it onto the fan (yes this means you have to make the fan flat, be careful and it’ll pop right back into place~) If you do this process it won’t be clean so I recommend going back and painting over to make it smooth.
You can also see I cut and sewed together the blue fabric part. It’s ruffled by pleats.

It’s somewhat how it turns out to be xD (I wrote this in about 30 minutes so.. sorry!!) I’m planning on doing another Qiao Sister cosplay and I promise to document the fan making process better!! But I truely hope this helped someone out. Ask any questions if you have any~Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough T.T


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