Two Down

Alrighty! So I got two more dresses under my belt~ One took forever to make… mainly procrastination. More time was spent on my grey dress than the brown polka dotted one o.o So here’s the grey one, sorry for the mess you can see xD

Okay its not really mess its just more like.. things sticking out. But it does make the dress stand out =D It’s plain.. yes. It’s because with different necklaces I have it’ll change the look. So it’s made out of a suiting type of material, perfect for fall time coming!

My Second dress I did in about 2 days, which took only a few hours to make was a on-the-whim dress. But I like it~ I actually did wear it out and… it was really fun to be wearing my own creating casually for once =3


That’s a close up of the top part… You can see the dots!! ^-^

I’m sad I didn’t get a chance to put it on the manniquin and take a picture but I just.. haven’t gotten around to it >.< Plus I want to do another dress like this but … the right way xD I’ll have to see~ Dresses never turn out exactly the same even if I want them to~

So those were my projects lately. I’ve been working on accessories and etc. I’m also in the process of planning out my site!! Yes. Kimikotan Cosplay wants to be turned into a full site~


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