Part Hiatus?

Miss me? Don’t answer that xD

I am officially out of funding for cosplay for quite some time… it makes me kind of sad to say that but life catches up to you and next thing you know.. you become best friends with your dentist xDD

I keep thinking I haven’t posted in forever but it’s only been a week. Not so bad right? Haha. At least I have so good updates~


Yay for some sort of progress!! All my cosplays start off this way. A really.. rough sketch of the component and mental notes of how to make it all. I’m not even sure how much fabric I need but I’m guessing 8 yards will work for this ballgown o.o Probably the most fabric I’ll be using for a cosplay.

So while cosplay goes on a strike because I can’t pay it anymore… I’m working on some personal dresses~ Here’s one in progress.. it’ll look better int he end! Hopefully…

Final colors should be… grey and blue? Go figure this dress was also influenced a bit because of someone’s favorite colors xD They go together nicely >.> Either way… this is more of a fall dress for me~ Not summer for sure, the fabric is heavy and thick >.< but lets see how it works out in the end~



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