Ballgowns Ahoy~

A new Project coming up!!


I’ve been dying to make another ballgown and… with some debate finally came to a conclusion! This is a dress Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir. Why this dress? Well as simple as it looks.. its also elegant and it’ll be good practice in making props. Yes. That big golden staff~ I also have a project coming up which will use this white base dress as… well a base! Hint? Add a… red cloak and see what you get =3

This wont be done for a few more months though.. umm.. not doing the best with money right now so i’ll be sticking to doing some fashion stuff of my own~ Hope I can upload some of that on here. I’ll also try to do some photo tutorials. Why? Because I like to be helpful~ And because I tried video tutorials and I’m no good at that >.< So.. photo tutorials!!

Oh? And photoshoot fail =.= I tried getting Eevee a miniture shoot for like an hour but the scenery wasn’t great >.< Maybe next time eh?


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