Anime Expo – Day 4

Hi all!

Ok so day 4 was sort of depressing ish. I mean it was good, I got my Giant Microbes!!!! Sperm…heh, a fat cell!! (because I really need more of those) and a Red Blood Cell for Hea! (Which she loved) Anyway, what happened this day? Well I woke up with …a nice bed mate…and I woke up late. That was pretty bad, I was going to sleep in anyway because I was expecting to leave by 11. However, someone decided to change their mind last minute and I got to leave later….That…was good and bad at the same time. Bad? The hotel had such …horrible….issues that day with complaining and slow service! Just…do your job dangit. It’s not that hard to get a bit more organized! The good? Actually got to go shopping! Which I really want to do some more….

Didn’t really get any pictures this day I think three in total? Have a look!

A really nice cosplayer doing a steam punk Loli cosplay! Looks good no?

CC from Code Geas in her red dress I believe. I haven’t watched this all the way through but i’m pretty sure it’s her?

Lastly ouran high school people dancing to something. Kimiko shot a picture then left.

Yeah not really exciting for cosplays day 4 but hey shopping was awesome right?

That’s all.