Anime Expo – Day 3

Wooo! Ok, so Day 3? Supposed to be the best day because of Masquerade right?!

Barely had time…to do anything. From 4 o clock on was a line where we waited for standby tickets for masquerade and even then THE MASQUERADE STARTED WTIHOUT US. How dumb is that? I wish I could’ve seen more of the cosplays that day and gotten a chance for Kimiko to show off the smexy arch bishop! You know what? Her blonde wig for that? Not bad at all…just makes her look more asian!

So what DID happen that day? We tried to go to Exhibit Hall and Artist Alley early without Cosplay because it is way easier to move around that way without pics and props. Didn’t find much of anything really, although I must say whoever made the Giant Microbes is genius! Excellent for a nerd like me….like seriously awesome!

Then after that time flew by so quickly, although I did get to meet up with my old friend…and we did miss another…friend? I feel bad. I hope Kimiko goes to see him to make up for that. Masquerade finally comes along and…it was a huge let down.

All the anime’s were of star driver or Madoka Magica, which I guess makes sense if they are popular, but I didn’t understand them really. I only remember maybe 3 or 4 skits because they actually made an impression! I can’t believe someone still kept doing the caramel dansen….please stop! You people have NO idea how old it is right now. Not so many walk ons which was good, if we had actually entered masquerade I think we would’ve been another boring skit that no one remembered….no offense. It’s only because we really didn’t have anything planned out.

That’s about it really…


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