Anime Expo Day 3 Photos

Normally I thought all the awesome cosplays came out on Day 3 but I was wrong this year o.o I think it’s because half the con people spent their time in line waiting for either concerts or if they were like my group.. 4 hours in line for the masq! But today was a day where I busted out the Ragnarok Cosplay~
I went as the Arch Bishop as Hermsi went as the Wizard. Heahea went as Zelda again~

Let’s start this off with… some cool pictures =P
Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

To the very left was a cool cosplayer, she seemed so energetic o.o You can see Hermsi strutting his cape which took FOREVER. While the picture to the right? I haven’t seen someone do this Miku so I got a picture with her ^^ I wanted a pic with her friend too but I was kinda in a hurry >.<
Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

Omgsh, the Deku was SOO creative!! I think I would want to do something like that next year… ahh!! And the Sun Shang to the right? I’m planning on making that too! I really liked how she posed~
Anime Expo 2011

This was SO creative!!

Oh here is where I go to linking you pictures!!
Blue Exorcist Group Cosplay
Ragnarok Soul Linkers
Not sure what group o.o
Soul Eater Group! 
A pretty white dress and someone in blue hair..?
Zelda Group!
Sakura Hime
Peach, Daisy, and more!
 Joker & Harlequin(?)
Peach & Zelda
Baby Inuyasha & Kagome
Code Geass
Steampunk… Katy Perry?! (She looks very similar to her..)
Yuuko & Watanuki?

I have a lot of spams and duplicates (well slightly different of course) but I’m kind of lazy to link more (It doesn’t help that im constantly trying to blow my nose).
Once again, mail me if you want a full sized one~


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