AX 2011 Day 1 photos

Every year at AX I try to take many photos with cosplayers as I can! Mostly the ones that I like. This year Kimikotan Cosplay became a group~ (ish)
Therefore there isn’t just me spamming the pictures xD
I went as Eevee from Pokemon (Hermsi designed it last minute)
HeaHea is the lovely Zelda in the pictures~
And Eevee belongs to Ash which is Hermsi!
So let the pictures begin =3

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

It’s fitting no? Zelda to go towards Zeldas xD

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

Somehow Zelda found another group to photobomb xD While I did too with other Pokemon!

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

Yay Avatar cosplays that are better than the MOVIE lol!! And the cosplayer portrays Yuna well~ (Sorry for the blinking picture >.<)

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

This No Face was awesome~ And the character to the right.. I’m not sure where they are from o.o but they were awesome and I’ve seen a lot of cosplays from that series/game. (I tried getting pics with them but they kept being bombarded T.T)


I think my friends think I’m absolutely crazy xD See this picture? I saw these guys a couple times but nevergot a picture with him cause… I dunno o.o I went COMPLETELY squeally when I saw them walking towards where I was standing. So this was the awkward picture result xDD Sorry to the two if you were freaked out >.>;;


Sorry Day 1 pictures are kinda sparse. I was only in the south hall taking pictures for a little bit then had things to do >.< Every year I say I’ll get a lot of pictures but it seems like the same amount!!

**If you want to see the pictures bigger or save them, right click the image then click “view image”. That should work out~ If not feel free to email me through the side link



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