Anime Expo Line up =3

Alright. I FINALLY have the final schedule of what I’ll be wearing to Anime Expo 2011!! (Better pictures will be updated.. for now? WIP pictures and hanging pictures >.<)



Eevee! From Pokemon. It’s a version Hermsi quickly drew up for me. I wanted a small cosplay for day 1 and 4 and decided on this. It took me about 2 days to make (probably less…) And was pretty fun doing something new!



Alright for day 2 I have Tomoyo-hime! Remember her? I debuted her at ALA but this is her RE-debuting because the headdress is new and improved ^-^

Day 3

This day is my favorite because the masq always brings out awsome cosplays. Therefore I’ll be debuting My long awaited Arch Bishop. Finally right? Look out for it because I promise it will be smexy xPP

Day 4

Well this day is a free for all.. I’m not sure I’ll be even cosplaying o.o Maybe! I might wear Choco Love (SNSD) but I’m not sure yet >.< either way… its just the last day anyhow~

Well that’s my line up! After this AX I’ll be updating my cosplay archives as well to keep track of allt he cosplays I’ve done. I think that calls for some.. photoshoots~?


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