Anime Expo – Day 1

Hi all,

Hermsi here! Well…Anime Expo is officially over and you know what…it’s probably the most..I don’t want to say bad but a bit of a let down?

What happened during day 1….

Uhm got there early checked in with Hea and basically waited around in t he hotel room for Kimiko, went to pick up badges…rushed back to our other friend which…we really didn’t need to in the first place. Went back to the con took pics I can’t remember if we tried to even go to an event which I think we probably did. Made it to the exhibit hall for like 45 minutes…ended up getting lost ate an absolutely yummy burger, went to a dance can someone say Mortal Kombat ftw?

That’s about it…Yeah I know it sounds boring it …kinda was. Also kinda irritating but that was just lack of food? Sleeping with two girls is also very…very interesting especially since one of them insists on sleeping nude.

So here, enjoy this pic of Kimiko in Eevee and a…pink gigantic squid!

(cause everyone loves tentacles!)

That’s all!



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