Anime Expo – Day 1

Hi all,

Hermsi here! Well…Anime Expo is officially over and you know what…it’s probably the most..I don’t want to say bad but a bit of a let down?

What happened during day 1….

Uhm got there early checked in with Hea and basically waited around in t he hotel room for Kimiko, went to pick up badges…rushed back to our other friend which…we really didn’t need to in the first place. Went back to the con took pics I can’t remember if we tried to even go to an event which I think we probably did. Made it to the exhibit hall for like 45 minutes…ended up getting lost ate an absolutely yummy burger, went to a dance can someone say Mortal Kombat ftw?

That’s about it…Yeah I know it sounds boring it …kinda was. Also kinda irritating but that was just lack of food? Sleeping with two girls is also very…very interesting especially since one of them insists on sleeping nude.

So here, enjoy this pic of Kimiko in Eevee and a…pink gigantic squid!

(cause everyone loves tentacles!)

That’s all!



AX 2011 Day 1 photos

Every year at AX I try to take many photos with cosplayers as I can! Mostly the ones that I like. This year Kimikotan Cosplay became a group~ (ish)
Therefore there isn’t just me spamming the pictures xD
I went as Eevee from Pokemon (Hermsi designed it last minute)
HeaHea is the lovely Zelda in the pictures~
And Eevee belongs to Ash which is Hermsi!
So let the pictures begin =3

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

It’s fitting no? Zelda to go towards Zeldas xD

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

Somehow Zelda found another group to photobomb xD While I did too with other Pokemon!

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

Yay Avatar cosplays that are better than the MOVIE lol!! And the cosplayer portrays Yuna well~ (Sorry for the blinking picture >.<)

Anime Expo 2011Anime Expo 2011

This No Face was awesome~ And the character to the right.. I’m not sure where they are from o.o but they were awesome and I’ve seen a lot of cosplays from that series/game. (I tried getting pics with them but they kept being bombarded T.T)


I think my friends think I’m absolutely crazy xD See this picture? I saw these guys a couple times but nevergot a picture with him cause… I dunno o.o I went COMPLETELY squeally when I saw them walking towards where I was standing. So this was the awkward picture result xDD Sorry to the two if you were freaked out >.>;;


Sorry Day 1 pictures are kinda sparse. I was only in the south hall taking pictures for a little bit then had things to do >.< Every year I say I’ll get a lot of pictures but it seems like the same amount!!

**If you want to see the pictures bigger or save them, right click the image then click “view image”. That should work out~ If not feel free to email me through the side link


Anime Expo Line up =3

Alright. I FINALLY have the final schedule of what I’ll be wearing to Anime Expo 2011!! (Better pictures will be updated.. for now? WIP pictures and hanging pictures >.<)



Eevee! From Pokemon. It’s a version Hermsi quickly drew up for me. I wanted a small cosplay for day 1 and 4 and decided on this. It took me about 2 days to make (probably less…) And was pretty fun doing something new!



Alright for day 2 I have Tomoyo-hime! Remember her? I debuted her at ALA but this is her RE-debuting because the headdress is new and improved ^-^

Day 3

This day is my favorite because the masq always brings out awsome cosplays. Therefore I’ll be debuting My long awaited Arch Bishop. Finally right? Look out for it because I promise it will be smexy xPP

Day 4

Well this day is a free for all.. I’m not sure I’ll be even cosplaying o.o Maybe! I might wear Choco Love (SNSD) but I’m not sure yet >.< either way… its just the last day anyhow~

Well that’s my line up! After this AX I’ll be updating my cosplay archives as well to keep track of allt he cosplays I’ve done. I think that calls for some.. photoshoots~?