Hi there =D

Hi all,

First just to clarify this isn’t Kimikotan! Who is it you’re wondering? It’s her awesome partner in crime Hermsi making myself known on this blog.

I’m just posting to give you an update on Anime Expo…Prop work I guess? You should’ve sen the first go at them…man did they suck! Hopefully next year will go a LOT smoother. So, here’s a look at prop work that was done as an after thought of needing props in a week since the first ones failed!

Ok, so here you see the first image yes? Pretty aren’t they? They are…origami! They sucked to fold but they are for the Ragnarok’s Assassin cosplay and can be thrown like Tron discs…. which I’m really tempted to do! Anyway, I wish I could paint them black and gloss them but I don’t have time.

This lovely beast is the book that the Ragnarok Wizard is going to use as a prop! Yes…the wizard, I know the sorcerer uses books and not the Wizard but hey…what can you do with such little time? The star is Origami (have you noticed I like Origami?)

Last, but not least these lovely cards from Ragnarok again! The first two are completed, being the Succubus and the Deviling (Kimikotan is going to hold this in her Archbishop, what a contrast right?) The third is Zealtous in which i’m too lazy to finish coloring for the Assassin so….eh…Oh well right?

Well there you have it! Some awesome prop work with a quick mind and a short amount of time….

Enjoy =3


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