Arch Bishop 95%

I’m very excited right now!! My Arch Bishop is VERY close to being done. All that is left is painting and attaching!! But that’s the good news~ The bad news is that I decided to not continue the staff because I don’t have all the materials to finish it. It would just be… too much hard work put into it for something that will be destroyed afterwards (or even during! XD)

Here are some pictures~
I had a really hard time with the sleeve but I think in the end it turned out okay.

Photobucket Photobucket

Interesting huh? The left picture is the end result. The right picture is what is was before. Kinda interesting to see… and wow I kinda wish I took the picture so it would be symmetrical.. xD I ended up making the sleeves poofy at the top and scrunching it up at the bottom. I hope it got the effect I wanted it to …

And in the end it ended up looking something like this

Now this picture is a little outdated.. I have much more done than that! But I’ll save that for another post~
Ahh.. I’m so tried! Since im using liquid stitch for a lot of little things they have to have time to set. So I glue some things together.. then I have to go do something else while that sets.. then stop in the middle of whatever I was doing to go glue more. I’ve been doing that for the past 2 days ish? It’s … a lot. But hopefully it’ll look good in the end!! I can’t wait to enter this into a competition!! Cause if you’ve seen the bill for this project.. it is NOT happy with my wallet T.T



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