Hey look… new!

Looks great huh? Finally have a layout, background, and header on this blog that makes me really happy =3 Had to get the bg commissioned from someone awesome~ He goes by a different name by me but I suppose he could be called… Hermsi! Lol~

So I think I’ll have a blog change whenever I have a major cosplay coming up.
But just so you know the info:
Character: Arch Bishop (Pink version! just for this blog~)
Game: Ragnarok Online

Other than that? Cosplay has been going good!! I plan to have AX schedule up by Wed with some sneak pics of what I’ll be going as~ Can’t wait! (though I have to warn you, they will be a bad quality xD Or maybe I’ll do a video? o.o;;)

Oh here, this too!
Dear Cosplay,

You take up all the room in room!!! If my brother breaks something again by sitting on it … well it wont be the first time =.=

Your messy maker


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