The magic of Socks~

It’s the little details that help make the cosplay. It’s when you get them wrong… when you want to pull out your own hair! xDD
Photobucket Here are my socks! Left is with the criss cross and right is the mornal one. They look.. decent. But it’s the top lace part that is suppose to be smexy~


Here’s the first thing I did. It looks nice no? I just took some old lace I was saving for something cute and its perfect for rag. But I didn’t know I did it wrong!! Hence why the picture to the right is different. That’s what its suppose to be T.T

It’s all just scrap fabric I had… but the yellow on the right .. you can see the deep holes that the needle put in it. Thats because its about 6 layers of fabric.. maybe more.. I was soo lazy to cut >.> In the end? It looked roughly like this~

PhotobucketLovely no? xD

I think from now I’ll try to alternate my posts here. every other post will be a DearCosplay post while the other times I promise there will be pictures of progress works or what not =3



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