Benefits to cosplay~


As it is my day off to do some research and clean, I decided to look around and see what I’ve learned from this wonderful hobby of cosplaying. Lets see…

1. I learned how to sew by myself (with the help of books now)
2. My mind works differently, looking at clothes I now can usually tell how it is made and what kind of fabric
3. Math? Geometry? Not my strong points but it became VERY helpful. Didn’t think knowing the volume for a cylinder would help at all.
4. I’m not afraid of the camera! Kind of… Still don’t like to be photographed at times >.>
5. I learned how to play with clay~
6. I meet people through it quite easily! And it’s fun!
7. Photoshoots let you visit new places — explore!
8. I know Joanns basically inside out and getting to know Home Depot very well~ (Though the employees still wonder why I walk out with so much.. random stuff)
9. Budgeting and time management!!
10. And so.. much more….

What I will learn soon from it? Hopefully…
-Electronics, I want to see props with LED lights
-How to work a serger (as well as get one!)
-Wig styling with confidence (hey who wants a haircut from me~? xDD)
-Fiberglass… and everything I haven’t tried for props

Cosplay kind of opened my eyes to what there is out there to work with. Makes you creative, because even a bathroom part can be made into something in an elaborate prop~

On the side of what I’m doing right now. It’s cosplay everyday for me as I’m trying to get ready for AX. I can’t believe all I have to do for 4 days… okay more like 3 days… of fun. Hopefully it pays off. The picture above is my trials of how I want the cross to be on my Ragnarok cosplay. It’s taking some time to get the size right but.. oh well.


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