Missing pieces


Worked on Tomoyo recently. This is just a little bit of what I have done. It’s… basically done at this point o.o Just time to attach it all together and make it sturdy then I’m done!! Then… I can relax a little bit then start on what really matters =3


But I think one last coat of gold for it is in order as well as some shiny varnish… Ah who knows. The 3 gold diamonds are for the top headpiece and the swirlie purple/gold infinity signs almost… are suppose to be ont he black thing. I don’t know if it was smart to make it out of string but… I like the effect it gives off. If I don’t like in the end end I’ll just make it out of foam xD

Ahh.. prop work… this better pay off at AX xD I need some shoots for sure.



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