Hey, Sorry!

First off… my plans for everything has gone whack. But! I’m living, and that’s always good~

Gotta say sorry to wonderful Sojians who keeps going along with me and Kasu constantly rescheduling our shoots. …. and we still haven’t done it. So I’m sorry! But I did learn something from this. No more shoots if I don’t already have it done, and the same should go for Kasu and if she keeps rushing all her cosplays they won’t look very nice.

But just so you know, I have been doing stuff. And Tomoyo is by FAR the longest time I’ve spent on a cosplay. 5 hours here and there really builds up. Here’s some pictures ^^;; On her headpiece I’m basically done with… (Still have some painting to do and cutting string but nothing too time consuming)


This is a layer of regular school glue that I painted over the clay. I’m hoping it’d work well to smooth out the surface and create a better surface for the paint to go on. Apparently it worked wonders and the gold on it looks pretty nice. It gives it a nice shine.. the red one on the top is the glue dried already, the blue/black one is the glue just being put on. It would’ve sucked if I dropped it xD

This is the top! You can see its a little off.. well the left one was sanded a bit to smooth it out and the right wasn’t. See the difference? It’s small but it’s much nicer.

Now was the hard part of making the base out of insulation foam. The foam works wonders by the way. It’s easy to cut with a knife and it is decent when you try to sand it. The left is just a clunk of insulation foam. I just cut a smooth surface on the top and bottom and hot glued the dowels on. (The wooden sticks). Then I sprayed more on top of that (which you can’t see) I shaped it with a knife, sanded it a bit. Then you see the right picture where the grey is duck tape. I duck taped it all for a smoother surface and it serves as a nicer painting surface. You then get this:

All painted gold with the thanks to my brother and sister~ Because as they did that I cut out this lovely beast:

Painted glued and.. did SO MUCH MORE =.= this was soooo very… time.. consuming. So very time consuming. It’s not done yet but is very close ^^Here’s a side view of it for now…

It’s fatty =3 Sorry for such the long post. I wonder if this layout is better or worse than the last? Tell me whichever on you like~



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