Postponed >.<

So a quick update! I’m currently working on redoing Tomoyo’s headress and it’s going good so far. A few bumps on the road cause… making props is new to me.. I find fabric much easier to work with >.< But I guess it’s something you just have to learn…


I worked on sanding ALOT today. The right on is sanded.. somewhat. And the left is the original. See SOME difference right? Kind of fatty still.. I spent a good 5-7 hours on cosplay today? Just a lot of little things to do for it… >.<

Oh and I had a photoshoot planned for Saturday but it got postponed. I could’ve finished it in time but I’m glad it got pushed back, I have a little more leeway (aka procrastination) to work on it ^^

On another note. A cosplay site did an interview with me which can be seen here. It was nice for someone to want to do an interview ^^ Sooo.. it’s kinda gotten me to do a little more. I have the next tutorial in the making! Either video or picture-post. Soo.. look forward to it! ^^


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