2/3 Ragnarok skirt..?

Yes it seems like progress is going slowly.. wanna see what I have so far? All that I finished is the blue skirt, white strips (kinda) and I have to go redo the gold strips. Argh >.< Wanna see some pictures? Sure why not~

Just started off with sewing some gold to the end.. twice (cause I’m TRYING to be accurate). This is the inside-out version. It’s going to have 2 types of interfacing, A heavy type to give it some straight shape and a small portion at the bottom that is kind of like cardboard interfacing that will -hopefully- weigh it down as well as make the gold part pop out more~

Cool huh? Okay not really, I just made more work for me >.<

And that’s what it came out to be~ Roughly. I still have to draw out the cross template to start making the gold that will finish the white strips.

And oh.. Here’s an awesome part~ I spent a few hours testing wires and I went with a heavy gauge wire (like 16? Or was it 14..) And I found it in the jewlery making isle. I lined the bottom of the skirt with it a wala~ I have a formed shape that won’t move =3  I needed it for this because without it the skirt would have been flat as well as not straight in the front. So… It’s needed. I wonder how sitting will be in it… >.>;;

(Minus the part dipping in on the front.. I fixed that!) I thought I had pictures of the gold part but I guess that’ll be for the next post where I’ll actually have it all attached!! Woo! (weekend? Hey guess I’m working on cosplay for my birthday.. xDDD OR studying.. lol!!)


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