Half a Ragnarok Skirt

This week is deemed my cosplay week~ And to start it off I have already did some cosplay =D Ragnarok and Tomoyo, but I’ll only be showing what I have done for Raganrok in this post~

To start off.. I went to Joanns Saturday and bough 5 (yes FIVE) yards of blue to finish the skirt. I should’ve only bought 4 but… someone’s voice kept echoing in my head to get more. So I did. Result? I have alot of extra now o.o


So thats my extra. What should I do with it? I was thinking a dress but.. it’s not the prettiest color for one.. so I’ll figure something out. >.>

So the skirt is in 3 parts. All carefully planned out to fit perfectly in a semi circle skirt. MAybe less than semi.. partly?

Looks kinda funky no? Well thats only one part of it xD Adding the extra two parts .. it looks cooler~

Kinda cool yea? Time to add in a whole bunch more stuff! I would go more in depth but maybe later.. don’t wanna reveal all the secrets before I know they work xPP
It’s double layered too! So its actually quite heavy o.o I hope it all stays during AX… I have to remember to take it on a test run…


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