Starting Ragnarok Top~

Alrighty! Time for some more updates~ Lately I’ve been more in the cosplay mood. Not sure why.
Feels kind of like a revelation though xD

Anyhow. Let’s get down to business =P
I finally started my masquerade project for AX 2011!! I’ll be going as the Arch Bishop from ragnarok as I’ve probably said in some post way before. (Talking about posts.. I hope this new layout is treating you alright, a bit too pink? I’ll get around to fixing that later).

I’m not … completely excited about the colors.. but from looking where I could, these were the best I could find >.< Best that I could find that also was the right TYPE. Cause there was no way I was going to use shiny fabric for this! But I guess if it makes… me feel any better… the color is accurate to some of the other references? xDD But you’ll see the color changes in the photos below, I guess it just depends on the lighting.

To the actual part of this project:
I based making the top off of a pattern I bought. It was a pattern for a normal strapless dress. Why am I using patterns now? Because for this project I need it. My past strapless dresses have always wanted to fall off of me. Luckily, this is changing =3

Inside of the topfitting stage 1

The very beginning where my work always looks like a potato sack xP
Mm.. the top pictures is just me making it so it’ll fit. Hey, it’s always better to make it bigger and fit it down than make it too small. Bad experience with making them too small >.<

Interfacing the insideFitting stage 2

Now I did the hour process of interfacing and ironing it all out.
(I did this while watching the finale of Avatar..again. Still awesome!!)
Still no zipper in the back. I want the skirt attached before I do it.

But lastly.. I have the gold stripe I have not yet sewed on..
On Josse~

… I have to admit it is not made to fit Josse (the dressform, I named it Josse, inside joke~) So it looks really weird on her.
It’s starting to take shape. Advice to those thinking of getting a dressform… if it isn’t your size, it won’t be helpful =.= Unless you do a lot of detail work by hand… then it’s better I guess. I mean Josse has helped me on some parts but for the most part.. she’s just there so the cospaly won’t wrinkle when I put it away xD
I’m thinking of selling Josse if she doesn’t prove useful. Oh well~ Maybe get one of those model mannequins fashion designers use. x3



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