Xiao Qiao… is orange!

Alrighty! Mini cosplay 1 is 75% done. Just a few more tweeks and trip to Joanns xD But I’m not here to talk about my cosplays…

This is about how Koei runined my lovely and loveable Xiao Qiao for the upcoming game of Dynasty Warriors 7!!

SHES ORANGE!!! T.T I really do hate the pants.. and boots. And hat.
And orange.
But you know what? I can live with it. From the relases of the characters so far, I’m planning to make 3. One from Blue. One from Green. One from.. red? Hopefully Xiao Qiao gets an alternate outfit that .. maybe is a different color? Or different overall. >.< I REALLY want to keep cosplaying her, she’s my favorite character!! As well as Sun~

So… That’s enough of my rambling. Just had to share this… pumpkin >.< At least now she fights awesomely? With one fan too. Can you say.. Mini cosplay?



2 thoughts on “Xiao Qiao… is orange!

    • Mini cosplay is just my term for a cosplay I’m considering to do just for fun and not as something I would enter into a competition or wear to a con xD Kind of like.. a practice cosplay!

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