Tomoyo BETA headpiece

As a complete rush to finish Tomoyo Cosplay for ALA 2011.. I was able to finish her headpiece in about..  straight 8 hours of working on it. (Give and take an hour for food munchies and song changes xDD)
Here is the complete results:

Give and take a few strings that have to be attached on the bottom xD But it is roughly how it looked it in the end. As you can tell.. fromt his picture it doesn’t look so bad right? It held up for about 20 minutes untill falling apart completely at ALA >.<
But you know what? It was fixable and lived throughout the day… barely.

It’s made out of wooden sticks. Clay. Foam board. And ALOT of hot glue.

I used Magic clay (found in the craft kid isle) and let that out to dry after covering the wire with it. It dries nicely.. don’t ever try to put that air dry clay on something liek this. It’ll break. It’s brittle. I hated that stuff >.<

Left: The main part. I wish I had sandpaper. Would’ve looked so much nicer!!!
Right: The little ones~ Looks funky huh? Both of these were done the night before to let it dry overnight…

Now the stupid part I did? I used styrofoam for a base >.< DONT DO IT!! T.T I covered it with clay and glued some of the rods in.. some. =.= another mistake.

Ugly huh? xDD

Then Just cutted the top decoration part out of foam board and Wala… something that will ONLY last for a day of a con. MAybe less… Not to mention I put this on a tiny headband. Another problem >.<
Yes. This project was full of problems. But I’m here to share my experiences~

So there it is~ I’ll be… putting up some pictures of the whole thing completed later.. I don’t have a proper photoshoot of it yet. I’ll do it after I redo this headress! (Yes. ACTUALLY redoing it. Why? It died on the way back anyways xD)


3 thoughts on “Tomoyo BETA headpiece

    • xD It’s very light actually… But it’s in the process of being redone so maybe it’ll get heavier xD I’ll let you try it on if you ever are able to shoot this! ^^;;

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