Bigger. Badder. Soon!

Heey!! I’m still here!! And just overflowing with all the cosplay things I have to get done!
But bear with me… this period of no updates will be cured with the new year coming soon~

For the past few weeks and the next couple weeks I will be implementing my new plan for Kimikotan Cosplay!
Yes. You read right. It’ll hopefully be something fantastic as well as a collaboration with a fellow artist (hopefully!)

Just a sneak peak into it… it’ll invovle the work of this blog, dA, and Youtube! =3

But for now.. so you don’t think I’m completely slacking off.. here’s a picture of some wooden doles (sp?) for my Tomoyo cosplay! Look forward to it!


Oh hey that reminds me. Start of the new year means a con! Anime LA 2011 to be exact~
I’ll be going 2 days (Sat & Sun) As Xiao Qiao and Tomoyo! Both (hopefully) Complete and ready~ What’s awesome about these two? They require no wig and I can use my real hair ^^ Though for AX 2011.. man… I don’t think ANY real hair will be shown those 4 days xD So I love it when I am able to use my own hair ^^;;

Tata for now~


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