Chocolate Love <3

Just yesterday I had a mini-shoot with Herms (aka Vinh). He’s trying out photography so I thought this would be a nice start for him to work out his camera skills~ It surely beats my sister taking random photos of me in the backyard xD

This dress was inspired by SNSD’s Chocolete Love dress~ I made it based off their design but it is not exact. I put my own little twist to it~ Here’s the best picture of the lot:

Chocolete Love Dress by Kimikotan

I suppose this can be considered a cosplay of SNSD. First time I ever did something like a Asian group xD I may keep going with it, maybe not. I really loved how this dress turned out though. Those are black thigh high socks (I don’t own any black tights >.<) but they work the same way~

Here are the rest of the pictures~


All these picture were somewhere on campus xD We went to many different buildings just exploring around~ It was quite something to see the reactions from people. This is one fun dress to wear ^^ And it is conservative so
As you can see all the pictures have a watermark of my new logo which was also created by Herms~ It’ll be only on the pictures that contain my original designs and what not. So basically… not my actual cosplay work. This is like.. half half?

Hope you like it. Watch out for my second dress I’m making for the Fall collection~



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