First commission done!

Yes. As you know I did take on a commission near the beginning of.. last month? maybe this month.. I can’t keep track of time xDD
But I sent it out earlier this week but before I did, I had time to take some really quick pictures of it!

That’s some of Sakura’s  outfit. I love the color I got for the skirt part! It’s like a dusty pink-ish. I like it. It costed $10 a yard!! IT better be good >.>

This is the 4th Hokage’s ending. The pockets… gave me so much trouble! But I think it turned out decently in the end.

I’m really glad I was given a chance to do this commission because I know NOT to procrastinate and I found out so many new techniques and all!! I may be taking on more commission soon now. I just hope the girl and her brother likes it… T.T I really do hope they do..
I know my brother wanted to keep the cape xD It was really fun to wear~

Oh, and the packaging~ I didnt have clear wrap! So I had to use like the white table cloth kind >.<

(Look you can see coins and my sewing stuff everywhere!! Lol!!  And no, Algebra 1 is not mine xD)

But. Both of those for $100. + $25 for international shipping! Not much extra in there for me but.. eh… its okay.

Time for some cosplay time to myself. I’m planning on a shoot … not this week but next week for fun~


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