Lenne’s Shirt partly done


So a quick look at the base I did for Lenne’s shirt (A LONNNGG time ago).
Basically it was the regular vest pattern I made just.. shorter and a deeper V neck.


Left picture is just the pile of fabric xD Right is the parts cut and a piece sewed on. Looks pretty simple eh? A whole bunch of darts and what not went into this to make the perfect fit~ Then I went to do a long long long line of ruffles.


Seems like a pain huh? It was. It really was. And I don’t have enough fabric for the long tail for the shirt so I have to go buy more >.< But for a side project.. it really is taking long o.o I still haven’t finished Tomoyo.
Anyhow. Just  a quick update with that. I won’t be working more on it till next month. Gotta finish up commissions in about 2 weeks! Wish me luck!


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