Don’t worry, I’m here.

I’m sorry cosplay blog, I’ve been neglecting you >.<
School has been getting to me. As well as all the other loads of stuff I have to multitask with. And I’ve been putting cosplay to the side >.<
I haven’t been working too much on my own cosplays. (Lenne is 30% done though)

I’m actually doing commissions right now. Gasp right?
I said I wouldn’t but… I need the practice, and the little extra cash would be nice. It’ll be going to my mannequin though~ (The one I want is about $200 dollars…) Plus I need to put money out for wigs and head forms I desperately need. Why is cosplay so expensive?

The two commissions I have right now is Sakura and the 4th Hokage from Naruto. It’s going pretty decent right now. It’s fairly easy for me to make right now but… that’s only because I’ve done this pattern a dozen times. And I’m not charging much because.. I’m such a noob (and still no serger!!) sooo… I’m a cheap commissioner? But right now I’m only going for family/friends of family. I don’t want to give a stranger my work and them hating it T.T

So!! I havent been able to finish ANYTHING. And I’m sad. Because I really want a photoshoot… it give me hope that one day I can become an awesome cosplayer…


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