Ragnarok is coming!

I am VERY excited about this next cosplay. It’s going to be Ragnarok’s Arch Bishop! Female version of course~
This is planned for AX 2011 as part of a ragnarok group we have in planning.
And trust me… this will be the best ragnarok group you have seen =P
AX is still quite a times away but… hey, doesn’t hurt to start early right? Speaking of starting early…


I have already started to sketch it out in my sketch book! Yes… if I plan to make a cosplay, first step is to draw it in here. If not? I won’t ever make it -.- Cause behind it is the lsit of materials and everything I need. So it’s a  nice checklist~
(And I no longer draw the head -.- why? My anime drawing skills are horrible, but I can draw clothes..? xD)

So some little info on this cosplay coming up… this is most likly be my submission into the masquerade. Yes. I HAVE to do it this year. I’ll be making the dress.. hopefully exactly how I drew it. The back part will not be touching me. Not. It won’t….. …. I so hope this goes out good.
I will also be going blonde for this. Why? I think it’ll look nice with the blue, even though I can make it any color. but I want to make it very similar to the reference picture. Makes it easier to recognize~
Something NOT in this picture are wings. Yes. Angel wings to be exact. I’ve been wanting to make a huge set of them, unlike the baby wings I had for Sakura. And even though it’s not in the picture, the wings are VERY popular in-game. And if I’ll be entering this into craftsmanship category… I should make it big yea?

… Okay it’s absolutely CRAZY to make them that big. White… I really want to… I mean.. I REALLY want to. …
Okay what if I tone it down to like.. half that span width? I’ll see what I can do…
I don’t like how the ref pic I’m using is different than the actually in-game character but.. argh… the ref pic is so much more fancier xD

So! Look forward to that~ I’ll most likely also be making the Wizard from Ragnarok as an… ‘art trade’ with someone. Props for a costume, fair yea?



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