Lenne’s Skirt~


I have not been dead. I have been… think of it as hibernating~? Or meditating! Meditating is better because I’m strengthening the mind! So basically all I’ve been doing is a whole lotta thinking and not enough doing xD
But atlas… I finished Lenne’s skirt that is way way way overdue. From start to finish this skirt probably took me about 3 hours. Yea.. I took a few breaks here and there so you can’t really say I spent a full straight 3 hours on this. But hey, Lace is so… so…unnecessarily hard to work with.


Here’s a picture that’s very not fun to talk about xD To the left of my hand is the all pressed and ironed out side of the skirt~ On the right is the non-ironed part. See.. I’ve done these pleats so much that I didn’t even measure how wide I wanted them xD Why? Cause if it’s about 3 cm off… it really isn’t noticable. And I’m pretty good with coordination like this~ ^^


And here is how you can see there is another layer of completely black fabric underneath (cause yes, lace is see-through) it also likes to get stuck to alot of things.. like velcro! Yes. Velcro -.-;;  Furture reminder… Dont’ use velcro with lace… at least for a closure.

But basically to make the skirt.. I measured the waist and put that for the black underskirt. Then I jsut started to pleat the lace right on top of that. Flipped it inside out, sewed the top part to make it more stable. Ironed. And attached on velcro so it can close and… wala~

Picture of me actually having it on is on my other blog~ I’ll get better and more decent picture of it up when I start on Lenne’s top.. which… unfortantly won’t be done for awhile (seems I need to fulfill other commitments first…)
So for now, that’s Lenne’s skirt. Somewhat short. Somewhat long. Hopefully not … too much -.-;;


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