Right to the Heart~

Absolutely LOVE this signature~ It was made my Gee’s friend… which I  only know of as Dowan from Grand Fantasia xD
It’s so.. so… me xD

Anyhow. Just a quick update. I have been doing some cosplay but I have just recently started school again and… that comes first (dang -.-)

Don’t worry. I’m slowly working on cosplays and more ideas!
At the moment I have ALA 11’s all 3 days booked with cosplays o.o
So far it’s going to be.. Lenne, Xiao Qiao, and Tomoy. All completely donne… .though not now xD

And for AX? I have Black rock Shooter … that I Havent started on. And I’m int he process of looking for some ballgowns! I really love the ballgowns x3
But AX is still up int he air. Who knows right?

So! I’m NOT dead~ =3


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