Xiao Qiao Photoshoot

Xiao Qiao Kimikotan CosplayXiao Qiao Kimikotan Cosplay

My two best pictures from the photoshoot!
Character: Xiao Qiao
From: Dynasty Warriors 6
Though the first two pictures.. DONT have armwarmers T.T but the rest should~

Photographer and editor: Jen Fuj @ www.jenfujphotography.com

She’s an awesome photographer. Wish I got a picture with her!
Anyhow. Location: Temescal Canyon (near Malibu, CA)

For the rest of the pictures:

Those are some looking pictures. (The second picture is actually the pose for XQ you can see from my reference picture).
Now for some non-looking pictures… as in… I’m not really looking at the camera. So they are more.. natural… shots?


The difference on those two pictures are huge already. Just the coloring. Nice green lush field verses dry barren ground.

These are just a snapshot of my favorite pictures out of the group. To see more you have to search around for them x3 I like to scatter my pictures around~ So a good place to look first (and a good place to comment at =3) Got to my DeviantArt Page!

But that’s my first shoot with such a pro photographer xD Hope there are more!!



3 thoughts on “Xiao Qiao Photoshoot

  1. Hi,
    I love your cosplay and i was wondering where you got your two fans
    Im going to be doing a Xiao Qiao cosplay next year and i cant find any decent fans T-T

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