Tomoyo Hime Dress pt. 2!

Tomoyo is starting to LIVEEE!

Alrighty! so this is the start (of something new! har har x3) of the over coat thing.. cardigan? I’m not sure what it’s called.
The left is the pic of just the fabric folded. And the right is the cut I made it! I wish I made it a bit more symetrical but… I also gave this a 1 inch seam allowance so I can play around with it a bit more. (Because 1 inch is a lot actually, usually I do 1/4 an inch or so)


Then I already made… strips of white fabric (can be called bias tape) myself. What would’ve been easier was to buy the pack from the store but… I wanted the fabric the same all around so I had to make it myself. Which I don’t like doing, too tedious and never comes out straight for me. But it came out decently I suppose. A bit too thick >.< Unfortunately. But every time I make the bias tape myself it ALWAYS comes out that size, it’s like embedded into my mind T.T

And that’s what it roughly looks like right now! More complete yea? I really like it because it accents my waist while everything else is covered~ Now time to do the long white strips and gold pieces… to finish off the fabric part completely!



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