Tomyo-hime Dress pt.1

Alright so fair warning right now… the pictures are going to be very weird xD They were taken on last minute notices as well as very crudly because I was caring more for wha tI was doing than pictures. but.. to stay true to my blog, I took a few pictures to document my way~

A little background to the fabric choice. I debated on many fabric be because Tomoyo’s purple is so rich and pretty int he reference pictures, I wanted to be able to convey that in the fabric. The feeling royalty and not costumey xD
Therefore all the fabric used for Tomoyo is costume satin. Though! Only difference is that I’m using the WRONG side of the fabric. The non-shiny part. Why? Because I absolutely hate shiny fabric used for costumes. Unless it’s meant to shine. but a royal dress like this (I believe) should not be shining like plastic in pictures. It should be a rich deep color. Unfortantly it still hold some shine to it but it’s not as bad as how the fabric is on the other side xDD

I started off with about 3 yards of white fabric. I used the regular vest-type of pattern that I now use for like… every cosplay. I just learned how to make it work for myself~ I don’t have it actually on paper, that’s how much I’ve used it. I no longer need to draw the base on newspaper like I’ve done in the past xD

This is the base of the white. You can tell the drastic difference in shiny fabric.
(With this kind of fabric, it is really hard to sew it all lined up because shiny fabric is so slippery!!)
This fabric frays very easily. And to do the whole sleeves that are curved, I had to fray check the edges VERY well. Spent so much time on it. but it turned out pretty nice… (Thanks to Candiie for the fray check idea, I seen her progress on her Ciel outfit and she did fray check on it~)

(On a special note: That’s a charcol pencil. I ran out of chalk and the white color pencil so… that’s my substitute. My art pencil xD)

OH not to mention I put on the purple lining with interfacing inside so it wouldn’t flop around. This part was a bit harder because I don’t have any purple thread so… I attached on one part first then folded up the purple in the back to encase all the steam inside. Now you can’t really see the stiching I did because its white and it’s VERY close to the purple.

Front —- Back
So it’s there. But not so visable~

The bottom skirt. Is basically 3 yards of purple ruffles up normally at the top then sewed directly onto the white. nothing too special. Didn’t even hem up the bottom yet xD (I really don’t have to either ^^;; Yay for being short enough with heels? xD
And that’s basically my updates on it right now… I actually have more done but I’m waiting till I finish the over part completely before posting more up.


Awesome thing about this? I can just slip in it! No zipper!! There will be a white band going in the front.. and since I made the top part around my waist bigger, I can just slip in it and secure the white band in the back with velcro so it just slightly ruffles all around.



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