Tomoyo Hime Cosplay Start!

Sorry for the lack of updates. But its finally August! And… I have already started to work on my next cosplay for ALA 11′
Though.. I did say I was starting on Lenne before… I DID start on it. But hit a road block as… I realized I needed to get this done first so Lenne has to be put on hold >.<

Therefore, I present to you~ Tomoyo hime! From… Tsubasa~

There are a lot of pictures of her out there but I’m basing mine off of the one you see above. I actually have most of the faric part done and am still… debating how to do the head dress >.< Looks a bit difficult ne?

More updates later. But this cosplay I will FOR SURE finish this month. Completely hopefully >.< Because school is starting soon and it’s very hard juggling full time school, part time work, and my love for such a time consuming hobby = cosplay T.T

(And since I’ll be getting a black wig for Tomoyo… I have a request to do Yuuko from xxxholic with the same wig! Who knows… maybe I’ll up my game a bit more~)



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