Next Cosplay: Lenne –Start!

My next cosplay mini project is Lenne from final Fantasy X-2
She’s the one on the left~ Though I may end up cosplaying yuna just because it’s the same outfit.. and her hair looks fun to style~ x3

So this is a late cosplay. I say late because Lenne and Yuna have been done so many times already.. why should I do it now? Mmm… well I’ve been looking for a final fantasy cosplay for a long time now. And I narrowed it down to a few.. Lenne being one of them. I just got someone to pick one and here I am!
Plus… this cosplay won’t be too hard to do, as you can see there is minimal fabric involved xD

I am very excited for this cosplay~ I probably.. won’t be wearing it to any conventions but.. it’s a nice side project.
And the good part? I’ve already started!
Here’s some pics of the skirt
(Oh which a fair warning for this cosplay: I’m on a tight budget because this is a cosplay I’m doing RIGHT AFTER AX. Therefore already in the skirt I had to pull a few substitutions therefore it may not be the best >.<)


Alrighty~ So the left is a picture of the underskirt. Yes. There is suppose to be one xD And the right picture is with the overlaying lace. The lace is SUPPOSE to pleat all the way around but… I only got a yard of it and it wasn’t enough.. so it only pleats in the front and the back is juts straight. The Black under skirt is ruffles slightly in the black so its … accounts for my butt xD I’m just testing out a new way of making this skirt. Keep in mind… It’s just a side project~



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