Black and white Dress

Alrighty.. I decided to try out how I can design and create a dress.
And this was the end result. Not what I was hoping for completely though…
Maybe because I did different ruffles and colors than my sketch >.<
I may try to redo this dress with the colors I wanted and ruffles I wanted but.. that may be a later project as I still have a lot I want to try and do before cosplay season starts again x3

So here it is!
As usual I started with just regular fabric. I used the remainder of my brother’s Len cosplay fabric.. it’s white satin.

The picture to the right is the base I used for the dress. Kinda winging the pattern as I go along. So attaching those two pieces together.. I also made a belt for this dress~

Yea im wearing some random Tshirt in these pictures xD Last minute pictures and sewing that’s why >.<
I added ruffles to the top with black satin in the middle too~ (The black is reused from my first Miku ballgown xD)

Adding those together it turned out like this..
The left picture is like the nightgown shot without the belt. Right is with it. The top has elastic so I can get in and out of the dress without a zipper (Yay for being cheap!) And it gives the whole ruffly effect I like..

Though the whole point of elastic is to make the front ruffly… I remember a year ago I put elastic all around and a belt.. bad idea. It creats the ruffles in your back so it kinda looks like you have back boobs xD

And then I threw on some straps with the ruffles. And the bottom ruffles with black ribbon and a cute mini bow on the sides. Wala~ I’m done~!
See the difference? The belt is NEEDED. Unless I wanan sleep in this or something o.o;;


Side view and a better view of the front.

The dress is kinda see through cause I didnt’ add interfacing or a second layer at all… >.<;;
Cheap? A bit. But that’s why if I wear this out in public I plan to wear all white.. or all black.. underneath anywayssss…

I think it turned out a alright for my first dress design. Took me a total of.. 3 days to make. A few hours here and there xD
Not too bad.. anyhow.

Any questions or comments feel free to ask~


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