Xiao Qiao @ 95% done~


The headdress~~ The flowers were originally really pink so they are hand painted white~ Only on the front though cause I wanted a tint of pink in the back~ Just to give it some cuteness ^-^

And here’s the base of the dress before I painted it~ you can tell I was testing out swatches on that one random white strip there.
And I have to say… mixing paint to mix the color you made from dye is REALLY hard. >.< I still didn’t get it right.. but here are my results xD
Like the painted on buttons? They looked painte don in the picture so… I painted them on! Looks good huh? =P

And here’s a pic of my cosplay at AX! I need a photoshoot done soo.. right now this is the only nice picture I have xD (Actually not even the nicest.. but whatever!)

And so. That is the completion (for the most part) Of my Xiao Qiao cosplay.
Now I just have to schedule a photoshoot and I’ll be happy!!
(I also really want to enter this into the ALA Masq when that time comes around… just because I <3 this costume)



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