Anime Expo Line up!

Since Anime Expo is a couple weeks away still…
I’m having a really hard time figuring out a line up for the 4 days I’ll be there. July 1-4 2010!

So here is what I’m thinking…

Day 0: Not going T.T

Day 1: White Miku — Alice

Day 2. Pink Ciel then Haruhi’s School uniform later on — White Miku

Day 3: Xiao Qiao

Day 4: Alice in Wonderland — Haruhi

And that’s my line up. But I don’t know how else I can change it. Anything in Pink is set in stone. The rest is kidna… meh.
The other cosplays I debated wearing is…
-Sakura kinomoto
-Pink Miku
-Mikuru outfit

That’s it for.. now.
I’ll keep updating this~ So for now.. It’ll be sticky-ed!

(feel free to comment if you have a request on what I should wear on what day.. or not! xD)


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