Xiao Qiao Base

I realized.. I never showed the base of the skirt part xD It looks pretty cool.. so here!


See? I made it a circle for my waist because I wanted it to wave a little at the bottom (which I hope is evident in the later pictures.

See the little waves at the bottom? I wanted that, if I did not have the waist part as a circle… it would’ve turned out flat

Here’s antoher example I did for the ‘sleeves;

That’s the same piece of fabric~ So basically.. its like doing a half circle skirt! But yea I also dyed that pink~


And here’s the top… I even thew in the little hole in the front. It’s not too low so don’t worry xD This is before I put on the zipper of course but after I put in the parts int he front.

Sorry this post is late >.< I uploaded the pictures up and forgot to actually post them!! >.<
So this was just a quick picture post xD



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