Xiao Qiao — Test run!




So this is just a test run to see how everything is coming together.. I think its okay..
Unfortunately.. my corset isn’t completely done in the back so it was only bein held up by one hook xD Which meannnss.. it makes me look really big right there o.o

This is just a side view.. It looks.. decent. I’m really hoping I can get everything to fit nicely in the end. >.< The fans are coming together nicely though ^^ And I made sure all the colros matched so it looks like a complete outfit~
Oh.. and you can see my brother in the mirror. I was REALLY on a time crunch to get these pictures up for the cosplay.com contest cause.. well mind as well try right? If I don’t, I’ll regret it later xD

And this is the flat version xD The collar was done last minute this morning, but I like it… decent. Maybe I’ll add more orange to the sides if I have time xD
Oh but it was like this BEFORE xD

Sorry was such a spazzy post. I’m on a bit of a time crunch.. family and all >.< So hope you like it so far!!



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