Xiao Qiao fans pt.4! – Still not done xD

Yes… I’m still not done with the fans. But I’m VERY close.
I have all the flowers done… I just ran out of blue fabric for the other side so I have to go grab that today..

I got the blue on the fans~ I realized ti is kinda.. big but.. I think it looks nice like that xD So I’m keeping it.
I asked my sister to help me out with painting the mini flowers that are to be added on the top of the fan. Yea… maybe not the smartest choice as I had to redo a lot of them, but at least she was a help ^-^;;


Then I spent about an hour on painting for one side of the fan. The picture to the right and right fan shows how I go about it a bit. First I take the darker pink and paint a few flowers.. then add some lighter pink to the paint and paint more flower.. then add white untill I feel there are enough flowers. I think I’ll add more to the left fan though, I don’t think there are enough xD

This will be my last fan post untill AX though! Cause basically.. they are almost done! =D


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